Kavya Singh is a Visual Designer from New Delhi, India. She received an MFA in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore.

Her interests lie in Branding, Illustration, Typography, Motion Graphics, Storytelling and creating visual language systems. She passionately believes you should do some good, while you can!

Recognition/ Features

Sappi Ideas That Matter Grant
The Growing Girls Project 2017–2019
Innovative puberty educational tools for young girls in Baltimore

Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Semi Finalist 2017
Museum of Lost Objects

Semi Finalist 2018
The Feeling Matrix
The Art of____
Time People Spend Doing Things
Daily Rituals

Women of Graphic Design 2017
Museum of Lost Objects

POOL Magazine–Issue 71
Seeking New Experiences, Interview July 5, 2016

Wacom Designer Spotlight
Interview July 25, 2016

Kulture Shop–Select Artist
May 2016–present

Polka Cafe
40 New Delhi Based Illustrators Who are Changing
the Way We Look At Art In 2015, April 13, 2015

101 Female Illustrators From India Whose Work
Will Leave You Speechless, July 6, 2015